About Tio Ze Peri Peri Sauce and Carlos

Carlos was born in Mozambique in the 50’s and loved helping his mother cook traditional Portuguese food. He was sent away to boarding school at 9 years of age and looked forward to the school holidays when he would once again be eating his mother’s delicious home cooked food. He was taught this sauce at an early age and has been making it for many years. He is now creating his home made secret for everyone to enjoy.

Centuries ago when the Portuguese discovered spices in the East and started a global love affair of seasoning food with aromatic spices and herbs, Mozambique was a Portuguese Colony. Their food was influenced by the spices in Portuguese cooking as well a mix of Oriental and Arab flavours.

The overlapping of Indian spices and Arabic cooking has been developed over time into a unique and flavoursome cuisine, full bodied and aromatic with subtle afterburn and lingering citrus flavours – think Afro-Mediterranean with Eastern influence.

The locals in Mozambique developed their own cuisine, the most famous dish being the Prego which means ‘nail’ in Portuguese. The local meat was tough and had to be tenderized using a hammer, hence the meat being called ‘nail’. Carlos was also fascinated by the food sold on the street in Mozambique and fell in love with the flavours of food cooked by the locals.

All of these magical flavours can be found in Tio Ze Piri Piri Sauce. Not too hot and not too mild with a gentle but firm bite in the after-burn, Tio Ze Piri Sauce is made to exacting specifications from ALL natural ingredients with NO additives or preservatives. Tio Ze Hot or Mild Piri-Piri Sauce must be refrigerated after opening to maintain the integrity of this wonderful Portuguese condiment.

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